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summers over [Aug. 27th, 2008|02:08 am]
[Current Mood |coldcold]
[Current Music |ava- breathe]

me and nick are finally friends again we havent been for like 6 months but were back to being good friends. its feels great to talk and get everything out from the past 6 months. im glad i have him back hes been one of my best friends through out highschool. i start college next week im nervous. my car broke down and i have to wait two weeks to get it back so for now i just drive my moms car. when i get a steady job i plan on getting a new car anyways. seeking employment hasnt gotten any easier ive applied at many places yet theres still no luck. I've seen julie a couple times lately. i was with nick and christine and her were stuck at the mall so we had to go get them. it was funny because i expected it to be so akward, yet it wasnt. it fealt good to talk to her and hear her voice. she texted me later that night saying it was good to see me. i guess were supposed to hangout soon i dont know how that will go. i still miss her. i cant believe all the stuff ive been through since her. she hurt me more than anyone ever has. yet im so forgiving. i dont have any hope of us getting together again. maybe just a bond of friendship. i still hope to find some one someday that will take away the pain shes inflicted on me.