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i guess a lots changed. from the past 5 weeks i can say ive done some… - js0292 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 30th, 2008|07:00 pm]
[Current Mood |enragedenraged]
[Current Music |bayside- they looked like strong hands]

i guess a lots changed. from the past 5 weeks i can say ive done some stupid stuff. i got with this girl becky it was a dumb thing. that was like a two week fling. after that i told her i didnt want any commitment and that i didnt like her. so we stopped talking im fine with that i didnt really care anyways. me and katie got back together. i admit i like her and she cares for me. i feel like im hurting her more in the end though. christmas was alright i got a laptop and clothes and money so i cant compplain. lately ive been pretty happy i suppose. today im just really enraged by how shitty a friend can be. this kid i became descent friends with andy is now talkin to julie and trying to get at her. i kno it sounds like he has a right to but he was hooking up with this girl abby and this kid who hes not friends with told him he was in love with her so andy laid off. and me his actual friend who he knows is head over heels for julie, he ignores. he doesnt seem to give a shit hes trying to get at her regardless of my feelings. i havent said anything to him but as far as im concerned hes dead to me and im gonna keep it that way. If he confronts me about it i will tell him exactly how i feel. i will tell him hes dead to me. and i know he could kick my ass but i could honestly say if he drove me to it id probably hit him. i highly doubt it will get to that situation i just want everyone to leave me the fuck alone and he better not consider me a friend because thats the last thing he is to me.